There's only one winner in the drought

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Orville Redenbacher

Selected NFL odds

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And by odds, I mean over under wins odds

MikeyFest 2012

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The Tigers have won five in a row. Unfortunately, they haven't gained any ground in the Central as the White Sox picked up a fifth consecutive in extras at KC last night.

The Cubs and a third of the ticketed Cubs fans endured a nearly four hour rain delay yesterday after the Monsoon of 2012. Voni and I caught two and a half innings at Mikeyfest.

NPL sports trivia

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If you include the home run derby as a "sporting event" there is only one day of the year where no major North American professional leagues play. That's the day after the MLB All-Star game. Hence the timing of the ESPY's since 2002.

update: Verlander has rocky start

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Doug wins. I blame Kate.

Doug Thomsen on who should start for the AL tonight

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"Verlander is dank, don't get me wrong, but Weaver should certainly be starting the game."

To which I responded: "probably agree". While Weaver (10-1) has an extra victory over Verlander (9-5) and several fewer losses, it would seem to all an obvious choice.

From some Excel work and baseball-reference, it should be noted:

So, they're obviously both pitching very well this year. Let's call it a push up to this point. Here's the knockout punch:

Tigers' Justin Verlander, model Kate Upton draw buzz after being spotted together

putcho Ws up

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The two biggest Wings fans in our crew of twelve had to leave the game early on Sunday. Tony had hockey (missed the OT win); and for some reason I thought Wu Tang would go on within three hours of doors opening at Congress (end of the second period).

Most of the Clan showed up - Method Man stole the show.

Who dat?

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We sat on the VT side and most of the crowd was very polite. Even through the ugly win - both sides knew who probably wins that game most times.

We amped up pre-game with some crawfish and shrimp, and them some MacDogs.


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The drive from Memphis to New Orleans has been the most pleasant leg. More trees and terrain and cattle. Google Maps led us around country backroads in search of places with names like "High Rollers Grill" for football watching and lunch. Sadly we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings (high rollers doesn't open until 4p, fyi).

We didn't spend a lot of time in Memphis area. But here are some songs.


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St Louis is not beautiful this time of the year. Nor is the drive: almost exclusively bare plots of farmland with the rare windmill. But she does host a few nice casinos in the downtown area, the Gateway Arch looks cool, and Pujols plays here.

Today's drive is to Memphis. And tomorrow's New Orleans.

Here's some St Louis songs. There weren't a ton to choose from.

Did you say Galena, California?

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No shooting on Sunday due to rain. But we did get some low quality golf in, and some chicken-steak-veggie grilling. And Pat's potatoes.

Tony Twenty Two

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Tigers slight favorites tonight in Oakland. Aiming for thirteen.

deeeeetroit bassssaball

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To celebrate their first 12 game winning streak since 1934, Tony and Blair made dark chocolate pasta with whipped cream and rasberries for dinner. It ate like a dessert.

Jeremy has been regularly covering the Lions. Now at Detroit OnLion. Check him out.


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Saturday's party hosted by The Chad and Co. featured two half barrels and approximately four gallons of liquor. One hundred and sixty five drinks per keg and around sixty per gallon puts us at 570 drinks. An estimated one hundred partygoers equals around five and a half drinks a person.

Of the world

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The second-lowest-level of old-man hockey Finals were held yesterday. The stands were fifteen percent full (packed); Joel did his best to keep it a close game. After a perhaps slightly faulty scorekeeping record of my total points (which would become the MVP award) and a successful penalty shot we closed out Third Rail 8-7.

Learning: any champaign tastes great after a Championship win. Shaken and sprayed aggressively will leave you with only about 20% of the bottle remaining for consumption.

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