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What a FANTASTIC day for game seven. I am PUMPED. Mostly because I have tickets. Therese and I will be enjoying a great at-home finale of the Fall Classic under the lights with a game time temp of 50 degrees.

And back to reality: the WS was like watching some triple-A ball. Sloppy, depressing: I'm just now getting back to eating solid foods again. We fall to 4-and-6 in The Big Show.

Today Umple John, Papa Paul and I moved the boat out of the water in Chelsea.

Jim Stevenson turned 21 yesterday. Out of the 111 pictures I took, I've compiled some of the nnicce(r) ones. They remain captionless because, frankly I don't know the names of all these people.

one (default) / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen / seventeen / eighteen / nineteen / twenty / twenty-one / twenty-two / twenty-three / twenty-four / twenty-five

Did you ever notice our National Anthem ends on a rhetorical question?

/ 2006-10-23 / 1161665533 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

Says Jeremy. I told him that'd be the next vafrous title.

Here's your update:

On Friday Tri Lambda won the World Series of division BA Co-Rec softball. After a regular season of 2-1 we won four straight in the post season to take it all. How did we do it? I have no idea. True: we had some pure talent. But the all-star team of females who had played in high school was never realized. Maybe it was our great pitching (props to Tony). We're waiting on our championship Ts; the league also honored:

Tony - Cy Young Award
Brian Alpert - MVP
Voni Deeds - Assistant Manager of the Year, Triple Play Specialist
Mike Sklut - Manager of the Millenium
Jim Stevenson - MVP Runner-up and Double Play Specialist
Jeremy Reisman - The always humiliating "Didn't spell the team name properly on the official team info sheet leading all other teams to think we're idiots, which actually led to their demise" Award (for the record, our roster listed: 'Lamda Lamda Lamda'
Stephanie Deeds - Best chick
Stephanie Scapa - Second best chick
Danielle Scapa - Second best chick (dual award) NickNick - Best Patience

And the rest...

After the win over the [so-called] All Stars we had a party at Nick and Tony's. Champagne was served.

We watched the WS at the house on Saturday.

On Sunday I attended Game 2 with Therese, keeping up my see-every-inning-Rogers-pitches-live streak intact. It was cold, rained a bit, and loud. It was a good time. Did Rogers cheat? I hope so - I'm a big supporter of pitchers making the ball make "funny motions". And even if he did it was in the first inning, his worst, which meant nothing. And also even if he did: pwned.

Todd Jones did HIS THING in the 9th. Classic. I've never gone from the so-secure feeling to sick that quickly.

Foul Ball Bill was written about in the Freep.

Tonight Jim and I played a little EHS. We won 6-2 (Jim 1A, myself 1G).

And the Trilambs win the pennant! The Trilambs win the pennant!

/ 2006-10-19 / 1161278111 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

The IM Softball tourney brackets are available online. Lambda Lambda Lambda advances to the Championship / World Series game to be played tomorrow at Elbell, 7.30p.

Jeremy with the call: "Oh. My. God. When Mike started this team almost two months ago and Voni said she didn't want to play I never thought I'd have the chance to witness the afterparty from the Championship Series finale. I very much look forward to the World Series."

We got off to a poor offensive start: the first four batters were retired in order. We let up two runs in the top of the first. Jim reached on a hit and myself on a walk. I also contributed three flyouts. Stephanie Scapa started off the all too common 2-1-3 double play. We won 10-8. Tony pitched well, the Deeds chicks did well, Brian hit the ball far, and Nick... backed up Dani in the outfield.

Shadowing yesterday's softball win was another poor hockey game for Team Thunderdome on Tuesday. We fell 10-1 and drop to 1-2.

The NLCS goes to a game seven: I hope the Mets take the Cards tonight (8.19p).

I put up some notes for slapping Ubuntu 6.06 on an Acer Travelmate C110.

The Dow is hovering right at 12,000.

Boom; like boom.

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Tri Lambda got a full helping of Jackass 2 tonight. I think it's almost worth paying for to see in theaters if you've got some time to burn. There's some over the top not-so-entertaining parts, but they're well washed out by the good stuff.

EHS suffered their second loss (2-1 to X-Men) in as many games tonight. Jim and I didn't do too much on the ice. We've got Team Thunderdome roller tomorrow night.

I was searching for a way to burn ISOs without installing a trial/shareware app. I stumbled upon the XP Support Tools (downloadable from MS here). Included in the kit is CDBurn.exe, and you can do something like: "cdburn.exe f: c:\temp\image.iso".

(22:10:12) Harry Moroz (the III): whack

/ 2006-10-15 / 1160964595 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

This is an opportune time to tie together those loose ends that tend to pile up with school gets real. People escape from their Ann Arbor lives for the Time Warp that is going home. Locals and the like (including Northvillans) may do the same. Now that the Tigers are playing the waiting game, I'm playing catch-up with some non-academic things and thinking about getting ahead on some school-related tasks. And I'm sleeping.

Some of the non-academic things include putting together some old laptops with fresh OSs. For pops: a beautiful Thinkpad X20 with docking station equipped with Win2k. Who knew Windows 2000 was on Service Pack 4? The DELL TrueMobile client I have for it is old and I'm not sure if it'll take WEP 64-bit. And for a play-around device: Therese's old Acer Travelmate C110. It's small and chic - but I can't find a fresh Tablet Edition CD anywhere; we'll see how she runs Ubuntu.

And we're cookin'. Both Deeds chicks and Annette stopped by after the Lions first victory of the season for some chicken kabobs and rice. Jim was in the house but Jeremy is Northvilling for the night, Alex is also out of town.

Tommy Sklut's news. He's also pumped for the Tigers.

Ice hockey with Evan's Hall Scholars tomorrow and roller on Tuesday with Eaves and Team Thunderdome.

It's disenchant; not deenchant

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It seems like just yesterday that we were down and out after dropping three straight to KC. We'd go on to face NY and most were calling for a swift sweep or, if we were lucky, a four game series. Afterwards the Yanks would go on to win the World Series for it was the case that they had indeed assembled the greatest lineup of all time (ever, ever). The Tigers and their fans would go home for the winter a little later than normal with a warm feeling inside that we had won 95 games and that we had made the playoffs. Just maybe we could put together a championship team in the next year or two. We're close for sure.

Fast forward to tonight. A seventh consecutive victory - now the columnists will be writing about what the hell needs to go wrong for us to ruin this. Surely with the way the Tigers have been playing we should have no problem with whatever team "wins" the admittedly weak NL. Here's what would have to go wrong for the Tigers:

1 It seems Zumaya's wrist soreness wouldn't keep him out of a pivotal WS game. It would be indeed a loss if things got worse and we couldn't use him in the aresenal.

2 The Mayor (Casey) discovers he needs surgery and will be out a good chunk of 2007. Yes: we can win this with out his help, but the pyschological pain suffered by Sean would spread a bit and would be detrimental to the squad.

3 Our aces Rogers and Verlander (respectively) would have to both go through some traumatic breakdown on the mound. Take away just have of their superhuman powers and we'd still be alright.

4 There's a complete disappearance of the bats. Placedo goes from batting .500+ over nearly 20 ABs in the CS and Frank Thomas' to .000.

5 Leyland lets either Rodney or Grilli Larry Sorenson the place up with lots of consecutive walks. Times two.

6 Todd Jones pulls a Young Young Kim on back-to-back-to-back nights.

Alright - these are some worries. Since the NL is so weak, it would take at least five of them to stop the Tigers. Prophecy: we take the series in 5 (win 1, 2, 3, lose 4, win 5).

I've seen some good Tigers' games in my day. Tonight's was the best. Therese and Megan were on hand, among others. Images:

I like sky (default).
Voni was in the house. So was her little brother and sister.
Happy people.
More happy people.
I tried taking Zumaya's picture as he knuckled up my glove before he jumped into the stands. This is what I got. My left ear caught a good chunk of his elbow when he entered.

..she never wanted to hang out with Michelle again, ever ever

/ 2006-10-13 / 1160761973 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

Flamethrower Zumaya is questionable for game three with soreness in his wrist. He modestly mentioned that he's indeed a big factor on the team - but I'm pretty sure if we lose him for a game or two or even three we'll be alright. Why? Rodney also has a cannon and can sometimes throw it over the plate most of the time. Yes: He's a bit wild, but he can settle in. Rogers faces off against Harden this afternoon at 4.30p - I'll be attending with Therese.

Speaking of Zumaya - there's been question as to whether it's more appropriate to put "Zum-bye-ya" or "Zum-by-ya" on signs. Annette would say the latter, Jeremy would agree with me that the former is best.

The EECS 376 test was about what I was expecting, and what probably most were expecting - dece. The ECON 102 test was elementary.

The Tri Lambda softball semi-finals game was cancelled "due to rediculous weather". In its place, the Deeds' sisters came by and Annette joined a team in the first Bi-Weekly Games Night. Boggle, Scatagories, and Pictionary were the games of choice.

Victor Sultana of the Grand Valley Rollerhockey Team is to be notably mentioned for the second pair of Johnson-Murphs he acquired at half price for me. I broke them in Tuesday.

Jim Stevenson broke in the A Ann / U Michael crock pot / slow cooker on Tuesday with some jerk chicken. Last night I did a beef-potatoe-carrot-celery poor man's stew over rice.

Equities are still movin' on up: the Dow crossed 11,900 for the first time (ever ever). The VIX is about 10% off its all-time low.

And: I'm not sure what led me to believe the Cards were playing the Padres in the NLCS - but this was incorrect.

Test Season has begun

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Deutsche Bank AG sponsored my dinner tonight at a charming The Earle in downtown Ann Arbor. They pitched to a group of all seniors leave myself a training program that starts off with two months in London followed by New York. All those in attendance had interviews lined up for tomorrow; again leave myself. I'm not sure why they wanted to feed me, but nonetheless I kept the complaining to a minimum - the restaurant was very nice. Lineup: salad, beef tenderloin, and some torte.

VDeeds and SDeeds were over for the Tigers game. We've already taken the first - it's too late for me to call just the series winner and game count. I'll add a little to the forecast: Athletics take game 2 (4-3); Tigers game 3 (8-2); Athletics game 4 (9-1); Tigers 5 (2-0); Tigers 6 (4-1). Sadly this will mean they'll clinch in California.

I is

/ 2006-10-09 / 1160448766 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

And Jim RIPS the game wide open with a goal late in the first period; Mike Sklut and a player unknown on the assists. It put us down 5-1 or so - Evan's Hall Scholars (our team) ended up losing 10-2. It was a sad season opener.

A little tip straight from the darkest depths of Compton (Doug Thomsen), the nuked-egg: Put two or three eggs into a glass cup or bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Use a fork to mash. Rinse and repeat (about 4 to 5 sessions). Add some Sklut flavor with a little graded cheese before the last microwaving; serve between bread with ketchup and pepper. Perfect for breakfast or a pre-bed snack.

Worth a look: the blogs of Nate Robertson and Barry Zito.

And: I hold deep animosity toward Mike Illitch. I give him no credit for any Tiger success.

You're drinking Columbian Decaf Coffree Crystals!

/ 2006-10-08 / 1160369594 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

That Farley classic can be found here. That's about how I felt after our roller hockey today. We got schooled by the Shockers 9-3. I didn't do anything productive; Jim may have chipped in an assist but I'm not positive. I can speak a bit more highly of Lambda Lambda Lambda's softball [playoff] games today - we won the early game 9-4 and the evening game 15-9. Jim reached a couple of times - I went two for three with a couple Jimmy Jacks and a finding of first on an error. We advance to Wednesday's third round (the ALCS if you will) and are vying for a pennant that will lead us to next Wednesday's championship game.

Speaking of classic: the Lions did their thing today.

Tests this week: Comp Theory on Wednesday, Macro-econ on Thursday. The first should be the hardest of all my classes, the latter the easiest.

The Cardinals will be playing the Padres in the NLCS. I was hoping for the Mets, but I'll take whatever the NL wants to give us. We defeated the Padres in 1984, and the Cards in 1968.

For the ALCS: I'll be attending Friday night's match and Sunday's if necessary. Megan Sklut will be representing the family on Saturday. World Series ticket registration can be done here.

Unless I'm reading this incorrectly, I'm reading that for the ALCS Tigers' tickets range in price from $75 (skyline) to $150 (on-deck circle) and Athletics' from $35 (plaza reserved) to $80 (MVP). I hate to say it: redic.

And a young man from Traverse City snagged that foul ball.

/ 2006-10-07 / 1160234942 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

It was one of the top 2 Tigers' games I've been to. There's nothing like watching in-person a game this late in October where a team, hell: your team, beats up on the Yankees. Here are some game notes:

Ernie Harwell called an inning on the radio and I believe at least one on ESPN. Therese totes the headset and caught him doing that foul ball trick as seen in the title; Jim Price added: "Nice town" (or something to that effect).

Pre-game loot: a pair of official balls.

The Polanco foul ball down the left field line was unquestionably fair.

Therese had a good time.

The "NOISE" montage, minus a slight mis-timing of some audio about half way through, is the best I've ever seen.

Kenny Rogers was on. Zumuya was put in to get the crowd pumped up with this intro music. And Todd Jones is great with a 2+ run lead - he'll get the 9th over the quickest as he's privy to throwing exclusively strikes.

After the game I hung out with the imported Douglas Thomsen, Foon, Flohr, Alex, and Johno Johno.

Today: for some reason the Tigers-Yanks were placed at the same start time as UM-MSU. I'll be in Ann Arbor. Prophecies: Tigers over Yanks 8-5; UM over MSU 27-20.

Sha sheeaa!

/ 2006-10-05 / 1160085676 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

Indeed: it felt better this time. It looked like we earned our playoff spot. Verlander fended off "one of the best lineups of all time" and the Tigers came back from a 3-1 defecit. Situational Walker performed well. Zum-bye-ya had one of the best outings I've seen - hurling 103 (over the plate) again. And again. And again. Jones had a trademark start to the bottom of the 9th but finished with the save. The win secures my ticket for tomorrow night in Detroit (Megan is deferred to Sunday).

For the third time in a row the Dow hit another all-time high and finished at an all-time closing high.

Weekend: Tigers face off against the Yanks at 8p tomorrow night (Rogers v Johnson). Some people will be visiting for at least part of the weekend: Wolfard, Thomsen, Moroz, and Fogo. We'll be having some sort of pre-game shindig.

Important correction: IT WAS A HAT TRICK. Second career, or so (See: Jim Stevenson, roller hockey; below).

Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and the Amsterdamsche-Rotterdamsche Bank (AMRO)

/ 2006-10-03 / 1159935465 / @Tri-Lam-HQ /

I lost my playoff virginity this evening (let's discount 1987). It was: most interesting, kind of what I was expecting (let's face it, I've seen some other team's fans enjoying the playoffs), at times odd, at others pleasing, and afterwards it felt like next time would be better. We need to get our damn pitching back if we want to have a prayer.

There's no stats up yet, but: Eaves & Co. defeated UM-Roller stacked Jackson 5. Jim posted 2G including the game winner and an assist, I threw down the GW assist and another plus a goal. After a poor start (down 5-1), we pulled through with a 7-6 victory.

The Dow closed at an all time high of 11,727.34 after hitting an all-time high of 11758.95.

Tigers over Yanks in four

/ 2006-10-02 / 1159803587 / @d00derstadt /

Baseball is a numbers game: The Tigers hadn't been swept by KC at home in twenty-six years. Had we won just one of the three games this past weekend we could have taken the AL Central, I could have gone to a guarenteed two playoff games, and life would have been good(er). Who to blame: Rodney has been sucking it up lately, as has the rest of our pitching; but Inge has been making a lot of critical defensive mistakes. The Baseball Gods gave him a chance to redeem himself in the bottom of the 11th yesterday - one out, bases loaded - and he decided to call it quits and strike out. I digress: he's the longest tenured Tiger and he's a nice guy - and he's got the sharpest pair of calves on the team. And the Yankees have a lesser post-All-Star record than Oakland does, so we'll be okay.

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